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What God and the world needs from us

7 czerwca 2015
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Do you know what God and world needs from the people of God? The dead raised? Blind eyes opened? Deaf ears to hear? No. The sick healed? The gospel preached? Good sermons? No. God and the world need the people of God to be stable, and have their priorities in order. What? Yes, God needs his people to be people of character and integrity. He needs his people to be stable in all of their ways, and the world needs this too. So many Christians today are unstable, undependable, flaky, and have no character. They can’t really be used to do anything for God, and it’s a bad witness to the world as well. Even if a person that has no integrity was given a position they wanted, they would be unable to fulfill that obligation, because they cannot keep their word. What is worse is that they are out ‚preaching’ the gospel, but no one will listen to them. Why? It is because the gospel isn’t true. No. It is because their life is speaking louder than their words. Their co-workers see how they really are, or their family sees how they really are. Or worse yet, people at church see how they really are. God and the world need people who can keep their word, have some character, and whose lives are stable. Why is this such a big deal to God and the world? Let’s explore this briefly.

God is called a Rock and Refuge all over the bible, because He is a stable God. He is faithful, and He keeps his word to the very end. He is single minded, and lives in the light. He is the light, and there is no darkness in Him. He is trustworthy, and His Word never returns to him empty. When He makes a promise, He always fulfills it. When we say that we’re Christians, we are saying, „I represent God.” So that means to people in our world we should be: a rock and refuge. We should be single minded, stable in all of our ways. We should be faithful, and keep our word to the very end. We should live in the light, and cling to what is right. We should be trustworthy, and keep our promises.  That’s how you can tell that someone is a real Christian, because this is the character that is on display in their lives. People who don’t display this kind of character are acting like world.

People in the world are full of doubt, unbelief, fear, and are unstable in all their ways. They are unfaithful, and do not keep their word. They have no integrity, and live by their feelings. If they gave their word to be or do something, they can break their promise because they feel like it. They can tell us that their going to do something, like a promise, and then not fulfill it. All of us have experienced people like this our wholes lives, and we ourselves have done this to others at some point. What gets God’s attention and the attention of the world is when the people of God start living with godly character and integrity. It’s a different standard, because it’s not the standard of this world. It’s not a European standard, an American standard, an Asian standard, or an African standard. It is the standard of God’s culture and Kingdom. When we begin to align our lives up with God’s Word, and allow him to develop our character…we begin to shine like stars in a dark world. When we begin to get our priorities in order (God first, family, then yourself), allow them to stay that way, we become a rock like God. When we consistently keep our word, communicate properly, and do things with excellence, we become dependable. The more dependable we become, the more doors are opened to us. Plus, people will actually listen to what we are saying, and take it to heart. That is what we want. We want to live it, so that people are attracted to what we have. If we live like the world, and say religious things to people, they will not listen to us. If we live at God’s standard, they will be confronted, and our words have the power to set them free. God needs us to do this, and so does the world.

Since our lives preach louder than our words, we must really take notice of how we are living. If we see that we are lacking godly character, stability, and integrity. It’s time to ask God to fill those voids in our life. That is a prayer He can easily answer, and desires to do so. So check your life today. When someone asks you do something, do you say yes, but then not even bother showing up? Do you feel like you can do it, but because you didn’t manage your time the important things got cut out of the picture? Or despite how you feel, you always keep your word, show up on time, manage your schedule, and do an excellent job? It is really important that we the people of God have the character of our Father. How we live everyday does matter in eternity, and it matters to those we are witnessing to in the temporary. It is right that we are to be stable, committed, faithful, trustworthy people. It right to aim to be like this, even if we’re not there yet. This should be our daily goal: less of me, and more of you God. More of Your character in me, and less of my character. Why because God needs it, the world needs it, and we personally need it.


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