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The Way of The Cross

31 stycznia 2015
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If you want to really live and step into the high calling, it will require you to walk the way of the cross.


I’m in the process of writing some new songs right now, and there’s one in particular that is stirring in me. I’ve entitled it, “The Way of the Cross.” The lyrics I have so far are:


“It’s the way of the cross, not my will but yours. 

It’s the way of cross, I lay down my life. 

It’s the way of the cross, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”


I got this concept from Mark 8, where Jesus lays out what it takes to be a disciple. Jesus was actually speaking to a crowd of people who were following him. There were people who had seen miracles, signs, wonders, healings, and more. There were those who liked being around the excitement, and there were those who were just curious. There were those who wanted to show up when it was convenient, and there were those who had given up all to follow him. It was time in Jesus’ ministry to raise the standard, and find out who was going to be serious. Jesus was heading to Jerusalem, and the time was coming to pass the mantle, just like Elijah did with Elisha. This would be not be given to the crowd, but to disciples. Disciples are those who lay down their life for something greater than themselves.


I want to be a disciple, and I want walk in the way of the cross. It sounds dangerous and difficult, but it is the path of life. If you want to really live and step into the high calling, it will require you to walk the way of the cross. It means denying yourself, picking up your cross, and following Jesus. It is simple, and it will separate you from the crowd. The way of the cross will put you into a different category, and position you to make an impact on your generation. I think that it is why it has become an anthem in my heart this week. I want to be a part of people who want to make an impact. I want to be a part of a people who will break free from the crowd, and choose to walk the way of the cross.


It’s easy to label yourself as a Christian, but it takes a deeper commitment to function as one. Today Jesus is asking you the same thing he asked the people in that crowd. “Will you follow me? Will you lay down your life, and receive the life I can give? Will you pick up your cross, like I did, and follow me?” When He asks a question, we must respond with an answer. Those who say yes to this request, will find true satisfaction, and a soul set a blazed by heaven. This is what separates those who will stay in the crowd, and those who are called disciples. No one remembers those who stayed in the crowd, but disciples are remembered throughout history. It is because they recognize the true value of who Jesus is, and will do whatever it takes to be with Him.

So now I head back to adding more lyrics to this song, and am trying to figure out practical ways to do what Jesus said in Mark 8. Maybe the next part of this song could be about losing your soul, “but at least you have your whole world.” Hmmmm…this could be good.





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