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Better is One Day that a thousand elsewhere

mar 08, 2015Comments off

How do we get a heart on fire for God, and have a soul that longs for more?

The Power of Calling on God’s Name

mar 01, 2015Comments off

I run to name that is above all other names, and I know that nothing can defeat that name.

I believe, I believe

lut 22, 2015Comments off

I believe that there is nothing that God can't do, and I'm expecting Him to do great things in Poland this year. Do you believe?

When Nothing Satisfies You

lut 15, 2015Comments off

I realized that though I have everything, but everything doesn’t satisfy me? Isn’t that weird?

Where have you come from, and where are you...

lut 08, 2015Comments off

That is an interesting question, and I believe the Angel of the LORD already knew the answer, but wanted to see how Hagar would respond.

The Way of The Cross

sty 31, 2015Comments off

If you want to really live and step into the high calling, it will require you to walk the way of the cross.

Stirring up a hunger for God

sty 25, 2015Comments off

Put the pause button on your life, and make room for God.

Mighty reward

sty 11, 2015Comments off

If you want more of God, a movement of the Holy Spirit, revival, an awakening, it cannot be accomplished cheaply. God’s presence isn’t common, and

Not my plan but yours, oh Lord

sty 04, 2015Comments off

Be careful what you pray for, because it just might come true.

Stepping into the God Adventure: Faith for ...

gru 29, 2014Comments off

Why couldn’t 2015 be your year of a God adventure?

Priorities for a successful life and marria...

cze 19, 2014Comments off

When was the last time you really took an objective look at how you have prioritized your life. Over the years of ministering to couples

Mutual Submission

kw. 23, 2014Comments off

Submission has become a bad word in our society. The motto for our age is: outplay, outwit, outlast… not submit.

Two States Solution – Is it feasible?

mar 20, 2014Comments off

The Two States Solution has been promoted throughout several decades in the foundation of the UN partition plan made in 1947, prior to the establishment

Family and church – can we succeed at...

mar 06, 2014Comments off

Let’s take a moment to really look into our lives and see… what have we committed to?

Israeli Settlement Expansion – Causes and...

lut 07, 2014Comments off

Settlement expansion has been a troubling topic for many leaders in the international community asserting that it is an instrument by the Israeli government to

The Boycott of Israeli Academics and Its Ef...

sty 21, 2014Comments off

The Israeli – Palestinian affairs have been the center of the world’s attention in recent decades.