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Stepping into the God Adventure: Faith for 2015

29 grudnia 2014
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Have you ever dreamed about doing something big for God? Why couldn’t 2015 be your year of a God adventure?

As a kid growing up in church, I never really understood what faith was. It was a word I heard all the time, but it wasn’t a part of my life. I lived by how I felt, and most Christians live like this.  It wasn’t until my late 20’s did I finally get the true definition of faith, and was thrown into a faith crisis. Luckily I was a part of World Revival Church, and my leaders were people who had lived through their own faith crises. Because I lived faithfully by the Word of God, I came out on the other side of the crisis a different person. Faith is simply this: you hear God’s Word, you believe it in your heart, and you do it. There were probably times in my life I walked by faith, but didn’t recognize it. When you walk by faith, you’re not in control, and you have to depend on God. It reveals what you really believe, and causes you to grow up, and grow closer to God. The great thing about walking by faith is that anyone, no matter how young or old can do it. Abraham did it as an older man, Mary the mother of Jesus did it as a young girl, Hannah did it as a wife, and God wants us to do it too. Believing in God, and having faith is foundational. Also, it is what truly pleases God, and isn’t that what we are to do with our lives?

So how does one start walking by faith? Easy! Start digging into God’s Word, reading it aloud to yourself, and then doing it! That’s when you really begin to live the adventure that God has for you. God wants you to know Him, and step into his reality for your life. It is a life full of His presence, strength, and the ability to succeed in a dark world. Have you ever dreamed about doing something big for God? Why couldn’t 2015 be your year of a God adventure? I guarantee if you decide to make 2015 your year for a God adventure, you will find that God will begin to satisfy that ache on the inside of you. That ache for more of him, and doing something that will touch lives! ? I say why not, and what are you waiting for.


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