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Raising kids in Revival – Part 2 – Getting our homes in order

22 marca 2015
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A home that is in order is a home of God’s peace. Our homes, as Christians, should be a place where God is reigning as King, and feels comfortable.

As people who learning how to experience more of God, taking revival home is the next step to raising kids in revival. Even if you are not a parent yet, it is good to get your home in order prior to having children. Once we meet someone and head towards getting married, it is death to self. It is no longer about pleasing us, but loving our spouse. When people decide to have kids, it is ultimate death to self. Having kids means that you do everything to make sure that they have the best life possible. A lot of adults out there in church (and out of church) are not aware of this, and it causes a lot of harm to their children. Their homes are out of order, and so are their lives. Basically, they are living self-centered lives, not Christ centered lives. Who ends up suffering in these situations? The children. They may have food on the table, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their back. However, they are neglected and are lacking what they really need…attention from their parents. So once we become revived in our relationship with Jesus, and are running after Him, it’s time to let revival come to our homes. Revival must touch ever part of our lives, not just the parts that are comfortable to us. Once our hearts are in order, God is in his place, then we can begin to make adjustments in our homes.

A home that is in order is a home of God’s peace. Our homes, as Christians, should be a place where God is reigning as King, and feels comfortable. The way talk, what we listen to, what we watch on TV, and what we do on the internet is important to God. Are we as the leaders of the home doing things that draw God into our homes, or push him away? The Word of God is the absolute best resource for managing a home of God’s peace. He is a God of order, and His Word is the answer for anything we face in life. Kids need to see their parents working as a team, and on the same page. Kids need to feel safe in their home, and feel protected. They need to see their parents going after God at home, and training them in godliness. Little girls need to see a father acting like the heavenly father in all aspects of life. They need to see mothers respecting and loving their husbands, so that they have an example of what it means to be a wife. Little boys need to see their fathers loving and cherishing their mothers. It paints a picture of how they are to treat their future wife, and is also is a picture of how Jesus treats the church! So how we manage our homes is not only important to God, but to our children. When the father is acting as the head of the house, the spiritual leader, provider, and protector it sets a peace in the house for everyone. When the wife is submitted to her husband, and is being encouraged to grow strong in God, it too brings peace to the house. When boundaries, expectations, discipline, are flourishing with our children they feel safe.

Getting our homes in order is definitely top priority, and making a few adjustments brings a lifetime of God’s peace at home. Our homes should be considered a safe haven for our families. Once we are physically at home and the door is closed, troubles should remain on the other side of the door. The fruit of the Holy Spirit, serving one another in love, and protecting one another should be what remains on the inside of our homes. Home should be the place where our walls come down, and we can be ourselves. Home should be the place where kids are loved the most, and God is free to be the God of the family. We are free to talk about God, pray, sing, worship, make up sermons, dream dreams, discuss the events that happened at church, and strategize ways to reach our world for Jesus. Most of all, children should be involved with these activities, and not treated as if they don’t understand. Kids do understand, and are hungry to participate in God activities. Home is the place where kids can be trained to become strong in God.

Just imagine if we could make a few adjustments in our homes, what a powerful impact it would have on our children. Not to mention what a powerful impact it would have on our personal lives! When our homes are in order, our children can thrive! What parent wouldn’t want that for their children, and for their family. What a witness that is to a world filled with chaos and injustice. It is my deepest prayer that you too have a ‚Shalom Home,’ a home of God’s peace and order. That your children feel protected and really loved. This is not only possible, but it can start today! I know what it is like to live in a home full of strife, and what it is like to live in a shalom home. I choose life, and I choose shalom for my home. It is worth every adjustment to have a home that is continually experiencing God’s presence and peace. I pray that after you finishing reading this, that God would give you a plan on how to transform your home in 2015 to be a place of his presence. Not only for your children today, but also for children of the future.




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