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Mighty reward

11 stycznia 2015
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If you want more of God, a movement of the Holy Spirit, revival, an awakening, it cannot be accomplished cheaply. God’s presence isn’t common, and should not be treated as such.


I heard two really good sermons on Sunday, yes, two. One from my local church in Cieszyn, the other was from my Pastor, Steve Gray in Kansas City, MO. Even though they reside in two completely different countries, are separated by thousands of miles, their messages were very similar. I definitely need to share this quote by Pastor Steve, „Mighty rewards do not come from puny attempts.” Basically he was stating that revival is a mighty reward, it is costly, but people aren’t putting the effort required to have it. Revival is pricy, and costs everything we have. A movement of the Holy Spirit that will touch all of Poland will not be cheap, but it will be worth it.

When I visited Warsaw in the fall of 2014, I had someone ask me, “What ‘price’ did you pay in revival?” I thought it would be an easy answer, but it wasn’t. I knew I paid a price, but I never really put it into words before. If a church wants to have a real move of God, one that will touch the nations, the congregation must pay a price. Church is easy if you go through the motions, and have some nice services. Hosting a revival takes time and energy. You need time to seek God, pray, intercede, put God first all day long, and put your ‘me time’ on hold. So what price did I pay to be a part of the move of God in Kansas City? I paid it with my life!

I had experienced the presence of God for myself, and knew what it was like to stand in His glory. Once a person has experienced an encounter with the Living God, it will ruin them for anything else. It really is like an addiction, but a healthy one. We were created to be people of His presence, so when we experience Him, it satisfies us like nothing else. His presence ignited my passion, and gave me purpose. His Word burned within my heart, and His power transformed my life. I think the thing that won my heart though, was getting to experience the real Jesus for myself. That is what I was thirsting for my whole life. Once that was satisfied, committing to paying the price was worth every cent. In addition, I kept thirsting for more!

Eventually, I wanted Jesus to consume my life, my time, and all that I was. He became my identity, and was sold out to do what it took maintain a movement of the Holy Spirit. That meant I had to learn how to live on a different level, and live by a new standard. When others my age were out partying, pursuing careers, getting into relationships, or starting families, I was pursing God. It was very costly, but it didn’t feel costly. I didn’t get to see my family, and didn’t get to see my sisters finish growing up. I didn’t get to watch as much TV, or say whatever I wanted. I had to adjust my life to become less sensitive to me, and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I put God first in my schedule, and put me second. For some people, they can’t handle that; it is too costly.

If you want more of God, a movement of the Holy Spirit, revival, an awakening, it cannot be accomplished cheaply. God’s presence isn’t common, and should not be treated as such. His presence is more valuable than anything else we can think or imagine. His presence is not only costly, but worth it. You haven’t really lived until you laid your life down for revival. That is when life begins, and you are truly satisfied. Want more of God, how much are you willing pay? His presence is expensive, what are you doing to do in 2015 to gain more of Him in your life? If I were you, I would pay with your life! The reward of experiencing Him is worth it! Remember, “Mighty rewards do not come from puny attempts.”



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