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Living a narrow and set apart life

3 maja 2015
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The happiest people are not those who constantly take in, and live selfishly for themselves. The happiest people are those who give of themselves, and lay their lives down for a greater cause. Those are the truly happy people.

A lot of Christians do not get what it means to live a holy or set apart life. That is what holiness really is, it is being set a part for God’s use only. It doesn’t mean you don’t wear makeup, or throw your TV in the trash. That’s not holy, that’s silly. The Jews are our example of people who live holy lives, especially the Jews of the book of Acts. They lived lives that were set a part for God’s use only, and they rocked the nations with the power of God. A lot of people want to be used to do powerful things for God, but they are not willing to pay the price. The things in the Kingdom of God aren’t cheap. There is a price to pay with your life, if you want a demonstration of the power. We can’t live selfishly, love the spirit of the world, and have God somewhere in the picture. No, that is not the holy life God wants us to live. He wants regular people who are going to put him first, and live a life just for him. Most people are afraid to do this, because they don’t have a good revelation about who God is. They think if they give anything of themselves to God, they will not have any fun. To be honest, years ago I thought that way. I was scared to give God anything of my life, because I thought I would turn into some religious person. You know, like a nun or something. Everyone else is having the time of their life, and I’m chanting in my closet or something. That is totally not what God wants our life to be like. On the contrary the more I’ve given of my life to God, the more life I enjoy. I treat my life like ‚special dishes’ in God’s house. Let me explain this concept. You know in your home you have special things that aren’t for common use. For example, silver dishes brought out for Christmas, or special plates only used for important guests. These aren’t the things for everyday use, but are special. Our lives are supposed to be set a part for God’s use only, not for common use. That means I’m careful about the things I watch, the things I listen to, the words that come out of my mouth, the thoughts I think, and how I treat people. I let the Word of God be my guide, and allow the preaching of the Word to reform the way I think. I listen with a heart of faith, and I plan to do what I hear. Everyday the Word of God is fresh and new for us. It alone has the power to reform our minds and hearts. It has the power to cut out things in our lives that don’t please God, and it has the power to strengthen us. I found that the more I asked God to narrow my life, like Jesus narrowed his life, the more closer I got to God. Narrowing our lives is something we can do to become set apart. That means I narrow myself to focus on Jesus, and care about the things he cares about. That means I deliberately wake up ready to live my life for him, and not myself. There is great value in setting yourself a part for God’s use only, and allowing God to narrow you. Real revival is when it is all about Him, and not about us. That is where you experience the closeness of God, and your influence on the world changes lives. Trust me, there is nothing more valuable in this life than to have a moment in God’s presence. His presence is the most valuable treasure that we could ever experience. However, his presence is not cheap. He doesn’t come down just anywhere, or to just anyone. He searches daily for those who are setting themselves apart, and narrowing their lives. He looking for people who recognize his value, and are willing to pay a price for it. So what price can we start paying for more of God’s presence? What is a practical way we could live a holy life? One easy way is to wake up in the morning, and say to God, „God you are in control of my day. Have your way in me. What can I do for you today God? Use me.” Don’t be surprised if He takes that prayer seriously, and God activity begins to happen in your life. Someone might need prayer, someone might need your help, or there might be a need at church. You must be willing to lay down your busy life, and make room for God. You must make a choice to set yourself a part for His use, and in return you will be filled with incredible life. The happiest people are not those who constantly take in, and live selfishly for themselves. The happiest people are those who give of themselves, and lay their lives down for a greater cause. Those are the truly happy people. They could be rich or poor, it doesn’t matter, they are people who are set a part. They have given up what they thought was valuable for the real treasure, narrowing their lives, and setting themselves apart for the freedom to truly follow Jesus. I know it seems like a lot to swallow, but this is real Christianity. It is what you’re really hungering for, and I guarantee if you start taking some steps in this direction, you won’t want to turn back. You will start getting truly satisfied in your personal life, and you will start to see God use you in ways you have only dreamed.


“Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.” (Luke 13:24)


It’s not that people can’t enter through the narrow door, they’re just not willing to pay the cost to do it. They’re not willing to set themselves apart, or get rid of the common. Those who do walk into their destiny with God, and live a life full of blessing.



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