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I believe, I believe

22 lutego 2015
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We can’t be double minded, no believing is a confident expectation without doubt. God wants our faith, hope, and belief in Him to arise this year like never before.

Earlier this week, God began to stir my heart about a word, the word is BELIEVE. I felt God say to me, „you are good at asking, but do you believe that you will get what you are asking for?” The word ‚believe’ seemed to jump out to me. I was convicted, and immediately felt something change on the inside of me. I felt a confidence in God arise, it was an innocent child-like belief. The kind of belief I had as a little girl, when I first began to get to know God. You see, I’ve been on a faith walk with God for many years, and it was a journey God put me on. God has personally been authoring my faith, and dealing with my unbelief. I’m going to be very honest, I was a ‚Christian’ who agreed, but not a Christian who truly believed. Part of the problem was that I was used to people letting me down, not keeping their word, so I did not trust. Worse yet, I let people down, and didn’t keep my word. So when I approached God, I acted like he was a person who was also going to let me down. However, in Numbers 23:19, God says about himself that ‚He is not like a human, and he doesn’t lie.’ The second problem was that I wasn’t making God’s word my word. I trusted in my word, and allowed my circumstances to throw my life around. I loved God, I was faithful to give and go to church, but not basing my life on the Word of God was making me unstable. So in God’s eyes, I needed an upgrade, and I needed to become a real Christian. I couldn’t go any deeper with Him, until I grew in faith.

As I got into my late 20’s, God allowed me to go through some serious trials, and these circumstances tested my faith. They also revealed who I was, and how little faith I had. I began to make some changes in my life. First, I started making God’s word my word. I stopped praying my problems, and began to pray the promises of the bible. Second, I had to stop broadcasting unbelief, doubt, and fear. That meant no more complaining about my issues, and speaking fear over my life. I had a friend tell me (after they listened to me complain), „I hear you complaining and talking about bad things you think will happen. Is that what you really want?” I said, „no, that is not what I want.” She advised me to start confessing what I really wanted instead of confessing my fears. To start confessing what God says about that circumstance.

Making God’s Word my word, and confessing God’s Word over my circumstances changed my life. I began to realize how important it was to God that I trust him. Many times God would take me to scriptures that would talk about His character, or to people in the bible that walked in faith. I had to change what I believed and how I thought. I began to treat God better, and watch what was coming out of my mouth. I wasn’t perfect at it, but I didn’t give up. I knew that walking in faith was truly being a real Christian. Faith pleases God, and I wanted to please Him.

So after God spoke to me this week about the word believe, I was ready to act! My faith, hope, and belief were ready to tackle things in prayer. My opportunity came at breakfast on Wednesday when some prayer needs came to my attention. I didn’t wait and go to my ‚prayer closet.’ No, I stood up, right then and there, and was ready to pray for theses situations. I asked the person who was telling me about the circumstances, „do you believe that God can do this?” They said, „I hope so.” I replied, „no, not ‚I hope so,’ or ‚maybe.’ We must be confident that God is going to do this.” After we prayed and BELIEVED, you could feel the atmosphere in the house change, and we had confident expectation on the inside of us. It was like we knew God was going to do what we asked no matter what.

I understand now that being a Christian is not just agreeing that Jesus came to earth, died for our sins, and rose again. It is much more powerful and real than than what religion would like us to think. If we believe, have faith and hope, we can move mountains! I had all the ingredients in me to believe, I just needed the Holy Spirit to remind me of what I already knew. The knowledge went down from my head, and into my heart. When it was in my heart, it was right! I believe that there is nothing that God can’t do, and I’m expecting Him to do great things in Poland this year. Do you believe? We can’t be double minded, no believing is a confident expectation without doubt. God wants our faith, hope, and belief in Him to arise this year like never before. He is ready to move and do great things in the lives of ordinary people. God is the author of Your faith, I believe He wants you to step into a deeper level of trusting Him, and believing. Start today by saying out loud, „I believe, I believe!” Watch what happens as your faith begins to arise, and your confidence in God becomes strong!




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