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Commitment is a four letter word

31 maja 2015
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In a day when divorce is on the rise both in the world and in the church, commitment is becoming something that is hard to find. A lot of people get into a relationship because they think that other person will make them happy. Sure, for a season or two there might be some happiness, until the romance wears off, and they don’t make you happy any more. All the married people right now are shaking their heads, because they have all gone through this. You know, everything is so romantic when you’re in a dating relationship, until the feelings wear off. What the church has failed to teach us is that commitment is a four-letter word called love. Love is not an emotion, and love isn’t about us being happy. Love is a commitment; it is a preconceived idea that we stick to no matter what. Love is something we give to others to make them feel good. If we spend time loving ourselves, feeling sorry for ourselves, or mad because no one is making us happy, we are sick. Nowhere in the bible does it ever say to love yourself, but it sure does say a lot about loving God and others. A lot of marriages could have been saved if people knew in advance what they were getting themselves into. Marriage is a commitment to love someone else, and not live for yourself anymore. Marriage is about commitment, and commitment is the ultimate expression of love.


My parents have been married for 34 years, my dad isn’t a Christian, and my mom is. I’ve seen them go through some of the toughest storms in their marriage. Still despite everything that has happened, they are committed to each other. No matter what happens, they daily commit to each other. You know why? Despite their frailties and faults, they love each other. You know what, God is looking for that in us. He’s not too concerned about our performance, as he is with our ability to love him through commitment. What we don’t realize is that our commitment to him is more powerful than we can imagine. When we do things for him, when we don’t feel like it, it sends a shockwave towards the heavens. It says, “God I love You, and I demonstrate it by my commitment.” It’s more than just showing up to church, or remembering to read our bibles during the week. It is us visibly doing the Word of God, and having a real relationship with Him.


God wants us to be in a daily relationship with Him that grows stronger and stronger. Just like in a real relationship or a marriage there are different levels, and those levels come with a deeper level of commitment. In a dating relationship you’re just getting to know one another, but you’re not ready to commit to a marriage relationship. That’s a deeper level of love, and commitment. When a couple is at that place where they are ready to lay their lives down for each other, they are ready for marriage. Even in a marriage, as the feelings wear off, that commitment to the vows they made is a visible demonstration of their love. No matter what comes at them, they remain loyal to each other, and are there for one another. In a real relationship, love and commitment only get deeper and deeper. The level of sacrifice and the price people pay only increase. The reason people are able to do this is because they love one another. That’s what God wants from us, he wants us to be living sacrifices that are willing to pay the price. Why? Because God did it first, and God paid a higher price then we could even imagine. God’s love is unfailing, mature, and deep. He has not forsaken His covenant with His people, nor forsaken his creation. Now that is some serious love!

Now let’s do a test on your love life with God. Where are you at in your relationship and commitment with Him? Are you an acquaintance? You know about Him, and He knows about you, but there’s nothing really established? Are you on friendly terms? You know that He died for you, you believe in Him, and you come to church when it’s convenient? Or are you just dating God? You know, He makes you happy and He blesses you, but your not ready to step into a long term commitment. If he starts to ask you sacrifice a bit for him, that’s going too far. If this doesn’t work out for you, you can always go back to the spirit of the world.

Or are you devoted, loyal, committed, and on fire for Him? You’re always at church because you want to be there. You worship with all that’s within you, you give and tithe, you’re daily pursuing God in various ways, and when people ask you to do things at church you’re available. That my friend is a person who is in love with God, and is in a serious committed relationship. Does it mean they are perfect? No! Does it mean they never let God down or make a mistake? No. However, despite their frailties, their heart is set on God alone. How do we know? Look at their commitment. If you really want to know, look at their bank account, because that is also an indicator.

Do you want to know what a disciple is? It is a person who is committed to God, and God alone. They’re always there, they always give, they’re always ready to serve, they’re dependable, and do it all because they love. They’re never going to change their minds, no matter what comes at them. They made up their minds, because they love. That is what get’s God’s attention, it’s when people increase their commitment level towards Him, and actions speak louder than words. I hope after reading this that you’re encouraged to allow your commitment to go to a deeper level with God. With God there is never a plateau, there is always more of Him for us to discover. Today let’s begin to increase our love for God, and for others. The more we love God by committing to him, the happier we will be. Commitment is a four letter word called love, and God is by far the most worthy to receive that from us.






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