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Raise the Standard: Taking Care of God̵...

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Where I come from we have a different attitude, and it is an attitude of the Kingdom of God. It is a rare attitude, and

Living a narrow and set apart life

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He searches daily for those who are setting themselves apart, and narrowing their lives.

Pięć gładkich kamieni – część 1

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Pięć gładkich kamieni

Choose Life

Kwi 26, 2015Comments off

This is something God is asking us all today, what choice will you make? Will you choose life or death? It’s your choice!

You are the potter, I am the clay

Kwi 19, 2015Comments off

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” (Isa 64: 8)

Za zamkniętymi drzwiami

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Próbując dokładnie ocenić skalę przemocy wobec kobiet w Polsce, można utonąć w statystykach.

A Blessing or a Bowl of Stew?

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Did you know that there are things God doesn’t like?

Called to overcome

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Remember this Easter that Jesus died so we could live, and live a life in the power of God. He rose from the grave

The Heart That Allows God to Dig Deep

Mar 29, 2015Comments off

It’s time for things that have been deeply rooted in your life, to be uprooted.

Raising kids in Revival – Part 2 R...

Mar 22, 2015Comments off

It is my deepest prayer that you too have a 'Shalom Home,' a home of God's peace and order.

David Ndlovu w Polsce

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I believe, I believe

lt. 22, 2015Comments off

I believe that there is nothing that God can't do, and I'm expecting Him to do great things in Poland this year. Do you believe?

When Nothing Satisfies You

lt. 15, 2015Comments off

I realized that though I have everything, but everything doesn’t satisfy me? Isn’t that weird?

The Way of The Cross

Sty 31, 2015Comments off

If you want to really live and step into the high calling, it will require you to walk the way of the cross.

Stirring up a hunger for God

Sty 25, 2015Comments off

Put the pause button on your life, and make room for God.

Mighty reward

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If you want more of God, a movement of the Holy Spirit, revival, an awakening, it cannot be accomplished cheaply. God’s presence isn’t common, and

Not my plan but yours, oh Lord

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Be careful what you pray for, because it just might come true.

Stepping into the God Adventure: Faith for ...

Gru 29, 2014Comments off

Why couldn’t 2015 be your year of a God adventure?

Nowy początek – otwarcie wystawy sta...

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„Muzeum życia” obrazuje tysiąc lat wspólnej historii Polaków i Żydów.

Album już w sprzedaży!

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