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Akkkkkk….I’m getting stretched (Part 1)

14 czerwca 2015
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Akkkkkk….I’m getting stretched (Part 1)

Have you ever stretched a rubber band until it can go no further? Did you know that God does that with us? Yes! God will take us through seasons when He is the one stretching us. When this is occurs in our lives, we are really living! When life is not comfortable, we feel a little out of control, and we’re not sure when it will end.  That is God putting pressure on us so that we can change. We were never created to stay the same, and live a predicable life. Life is always moving, always changing, always producing something new. If we’re not growing, being stretched, and changing we’re not truly living. Are you feeling a little stretched lately in life? Have no fear, this is God placing His very hands on your life. God always wants to do us good, and there is nothing safer than being in His hands.

The bible describes our spiritual lives like the growth of child. When we are first born again, born from above, we are considered to be like babies. It’s a time for us to get God’s faith foundations established in our lives. It is time to allow God to deal with the darkness we lived with, and to transform us into children of Light. During this season, we’re feeding on basic teachings, and it is like spiritual milk. Just as natural babies grow, we grow the same way spiritually. We must continually be fed the Word of God, learn how to commune with God in prayer, and find out what pleases Him. As we do these things, we begin to grow up like little children. In fact, the bible says that we are to imitate Jesus, and that is who we are supposed to transforming into. So as we grow up into Jesus, who is the head of the church, we should start to see less of us, and more of Him.  That means more fruit of the Holy Spirit, more dying to ourselves, more outreach, more participation at church, and allowing God to change every part of our lives.

God is a Creator, a Father, and a Refiner. He is the One who is causing us to change from glory, to glory. It is not his will for us to remain infants in Christ, because He needs people of maturity that can do great things for His Kingdom. Babies are pretty helpless, and cannot be responsible for anything. They are carried along, and need constant attention. You can tell the difference between a baby and six year old in various ways. The first thing you notice about a six year old is that they walk, talks are bigger, they go to school, and are somewhat responsible for simple things. Plus, there is a sense of independence about a six year old, that a baby just doesn’t have. Babies are little, and cannot eat regular food. They have to be changed, get lots of sleep, and do not know how to communicate about what they need. It’s ok to be a baby Christian for a season, but only a season. God wants us to grow up, and become mature in His Kingdom.

So today, if you feel a little stretched, and maybe more is being required of you. It could be that it is God Himself doing the stretching. He has a big plan for your life, but it is something that you’re going to be stretched into. The more you allow God to stretch you, the more you’ll be able to contain. The more you allow God to take you from an infant level to a toddler level, the more doors will open up to you. The more you grow into a child of Light, the greater your impact will be. To get to those places in God does not come cheap. You have to pay a price, and allow yourself to be stretched. You must allow yourself to change, and grow up.

So if you are saying to yourself, “akkkkkk….I’m being stretched,” don’t resist it. Don’t run away from what God is doing in your life. Take a step up, and run towards God. Allow Him to reform you into who He wants you to be. In the end you’ll be happier, stronger, and God can trust you with bigger things.


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