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A good and faithful servant

17 maja 2015
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„Well done, good and trustworthy servant; you have shown you are trustworthy in small things; I will trust you with greater” (Mt 25, 21)

I think this is a very important message to the body of Christ in Poland today. Many people want to do great things for God, but they tend to overlook what is really important to Him. God doesn’t want superstars in the ministry, or perfect people who never make mistakes. He wants everyday, average people to serve Him. He wants to train them, invest in them, empower them, and take them to new levels. He wants people to have a servants heart, and be faithful where God has them. There are so many examples of this in the bible, and we can see that this important to God. When Jesus called the disciples they were regular people, but they had a hunger for God. They were able to drop everything, and follow Him. For a long time the disciples were not the main speakers in Jesus’ ministry. They were servants, and they helped Jesus get from town to town. Remember the story in John 4 when Jesus was talking with the woman at the well?  Where were the disciples? They were getting food for the group. They watched what Jesus did, and listened to what He said. Then it was time for them to be sent out. In Matthew 10, Jesus sends the disciples out, and instructs them what to do, and what to say. When they came back, they had great testimonies of how God used them. Jesus said, „don’t rejoice because evil spirits submit to you [like they do for me], but rejoice that your names are written in the book of life. We must realize that the power to do anything comes from Jesus himself. Because He has all authority in heaven and on Earth, we have authority. We get that authority because we’re submitted to authority, and it is to serve God. What about in the book of Acts, and the story of Phillip the evangelist? Before he was out performing miracles, signs and wonders, he was a waiter (Acts 6:1-7). He waited on tables, so that the apostles could spend time in the Word of God.

God is looking for people who can be faithful in the little things they are asked to do. He’s looking for people to have good attitudes in their hearts, who have character, and integrity. I know when God called me as a youth, you would have never picked me to do anything. I had no character, no integrity, and I had bad attitudes. I didn’t have a servants heart, and I wasn’t faithful. When I encountered the real Jesus, and chose to go after Him, that’s when everything changed in my life. I started to allow God to change me on the inside. I chose to work on my integrity, and faithfulness. Plus, God put in faith tests that built my character. I went through trials too that the enemy threw at me, and that developed my perseverance. Each year I worked on becoming a good and faithful servant, because I wanted to be used by God. I loved God, and wanted to do great things for Him. However, I had to prove myself in the little things. I had to be faithful in giving and tithing, and my attendance. I had to be faithful in worship, and faithful in serving at church. I had to give more of myself to the cause of Christ, and narrow my life. It came with a high price, but it was worth it. I know that God is looking for faithful and good servants, and I wanted to be found faithful. I wanted to know God, and I wanted Him to know me.

So you may not have a microphone today, or are preaching to thousands yet. However, I believe that God has given you a dream to do something for Him. It is going to come with a price tag, and the price is your life. Each day you pay it by practicing being a good and faithful servant. When God sees that you can be trusted with the small things, He will elevate you to the next thing! You don’t have to elevate yourself, God does it for you! God wants you to succeed, but you must be willing do the little things first. If you can be trusted with the little, be sure that He has greater things in store for your future! Being a good and faithful servant pleases God, and he is looking for people like that right now! Today if you would like to step up to a higher level in God, begin to ask God to use you. Begin to ask God to show you areas where you can increase in faithfulness and being a servant. I guarantee He will answer that prayer, and send you the answer. When the answer comes, be willing and ready to answer the call, and start walking on the road to becoming a good and faithful servant.



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