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You are the potter, I am the clay

19 kwietnia 2015
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“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” (Isa 64:8)

Can you feel it? It is a new season, and God is doing a new thing in his church worldwide. The question I have is, are we ready for the change he wants to bring? A lot of times people are needing a change so badly, but it is hard for them to change. Most people are terrified of change, and resist it. However, not every change we have gone through in the past has been bad. God is a God of life, and life always changes. Each year we get a little older, we age a bit more, and we change in subtle ways. For example, many of us are not wearing the same fashion that we did even two years ago. Why? Life changes, and we are to change with it.

To get to the next level with God, it will always require something of us. It will require us to change, to leave something behind, go harder, dig deeper, and to try something new. In our hearts, we must be like soft clay with God. When we think that we’re ok, the truth is we’re really not. A person who says, “I’m good, I know everything there is to know about God, I don’t need to respond” is a person who is stiff. They are not soft clay in God’s hands, they are a hard rock, and a resister to what God wants to do next. God’s Spirit is like a river, and everywhere he flows new life springs forth. People who will go to the next level are the people who are soft like clay. Where the river flows, that person is soft to flow with. What is sad is the person who thinks they know everything, but when God begins to flow they are the stiff rock in the middle of the river. They are actually making it difficult for the river to flow the way it should. That is why God wants us to be like children, because children are so soft to God.

 So what happens if you’re a stiff rock, and not a soft piece of clay? Easy, you must allow God to break you until you are soft again. That takes a lot of courage to see that you are a rock, and pray that prayer. Though when someone humbles themselves before God and says, “God, I’m a stiff rock…soften me,” God is quick to answer that cry. Psalms 51:17 says that a broken and contrite spirit he will not deny. His word says that the resists the proud, “I know this, I don’t need to respond (Proverbs 3:34/James 4:6). Just the fact that you would cry out for God to soften your heart, is you actually breaking before God. His Spirit can pour over you like rain, and soften you some more. So the next time His Spirit moves through your church service, you’ll feel it, and go with it. It will be the change you have needed for a long time. You’ll be at a new level with God, and new life will be flowing through you.

God is the Father of those who obey him, and those he can mold. What is he molding us into? He is molding us into the image of His son. He takes our unformed life, and puts it on his potter’s wheel. He spins us, molds us, remolds us, makes us, and forms us. He is a creator, and he has the power to create new things in our life. He is the one who has a destiny for our lives, and is positioning us for that destiny. We must remain in his hands, and under his protection. We must allow his fingerprints of His word to come upon our lives, and make us into what He says we are to be. We must be patient, stay faithful, and not give up. If we stick to God’s plan, go with His flow, he will position us to do great things! Though we must remain like that soft piece of clay, willing to change in every season, because God is always ready to do a new thing in us.


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