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Jak zniszczyć mury Jerycha w swoim życiu

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W roku 2020 Bóg chce dać ci miejsca, gdzie postawisz swoje stopy, ponieważ jako wierzący jesteś nośnikiem Królestwa Bożego!

6 Ways To Rise Up! |Rise Up Warsaw Ep. 6|

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6 sposobów jak osiągnąć kolejny poziom w swoim życiu w szóstym odcinku "Rise Up Warsaw"!

How To Take Giants Down |Rise Up Warsaw Ep....

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Obejrzyj piąty odcinek nowej serii wideo How To Take Down Giants |Rise Up Warsaw Ep. 5|, a dowiesz się JAK  w 3 krokach wyeliminować wszelkie przeszkody

Expansion of your territory |Rise Up Warsaw...

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Obejrzyj czwarty odcinek nowej serii wideo Expansion of your territory |Rise Up Warsaw Ep. 4|, a dowiesz się JAK  w 3 krokach wyjść z miejsca, w

Keys To Entering Your Destiny |Rise Up Wars...

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Obejrzyj trzeci odcinek nowej serii wideo Keys To Entering Your Destiny |Rise Up Warsaw Ep. 3| i dowiedz się JAK  w 3 krokach wejść w

Dealing with Delay |Rise Up Warsaw Ep. 2|

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Obejrzyj drugi odcinek nowej serii wideo |Rise Up Warsaw Ep. 2| - Dealing with Delay i dowiedz się jak w 3 prostych krokach poradzić sobie

Akkkkkk….I’m getting stretched (Part 2)

cze 21, 2015Comments off

God wants us to be mature, complete, walking by faith, and stepping into big things. The only way to step into the big things is

What God and the world needs from us

cze 07, 2015Comments off

Commitment is a four letter word

maj 31, 2015Comments off

Love is not an emotion, and love isn’t about us being happy. Love is a commitment; it is a preconceived idea that we stick to

A good and faithful servant

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Raise the Standard: Taking Care of God̵...

maj 10, 2015Comments off

Where I come from we have a different attitude, and it is an attitude of the Kingdom of God. It is a rare attitude, and

Living a narrow and set apart life

maj 03, 2015Comments off

He searches daily for those who are setting themselves apart, and narrowing their lives.

Choose Life

kw. 26, 2015Comments off

This is something God is asking us all today, what choice will you make? Will you choose life or death? It’s your choice!

You are the potter, I am the clay

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“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” (Isa 64: 8)

A Blessing or a Bowl of Stew?

kw. 12, 2015Comments off

Did you know that there are things God doesn’t like?

Called to overcome

kw. 05, 2015Comments off

Remember this Easter that Jesus died so we could live, and live a life in the power of God. He rose from the grave

The Heart That Allows God to Dig Deep

mar 29, 2015Comments off

It’s time for things that have been deeply rooted in your life, to be uprooted.

Raising kids in Revival – Part 2 R...

mar 22, 2015Comments off

It is my deepest prayer that you too have a 'Shalom Home,' a home of God's peace and order.

Raising kids in Revival Part I – Adul...

mar 15, 2015Comments off

Revival is choice to live a revived lifestyle, and it is a life commitment to God’s presence.