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Raising kids in Revival Part I – Adults getting revived

15 marca 2015
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We don’t realize it but we are carrying the torch of those who have gone before us, and we’re in process to pass it to the next generation. So we must run hard after God, and train our children to do the same.

Last week I had a great honor to speak at the women’s conference, and school of ministry at Warsaw.  For those of you who were there or wanted to be there, I want to share a principal or two about having kids that are living a revival lifestyle. Remember, revival is life coming to the half dead. People are alive bodily, they may even be born again, and filled with the Holy Spirit. However, there is a difference when someone has been revived. There is an empowerment of the Holy Spirit that goes beyond doing things in our own strength. Revival is a consuming fire of God that overtakes our lives, a passion we cannot contain, and zeal for God’s house that arises. This comes from experiencing a moment in the fire of God that is undeniable. It is a tangible encounter with God that is life changing. It is not going up and getting prayer for a problem, standing there, and going back to our seats. That is not revival, that is getting prayer. Revival is when it is all about Jesus, and not about us anymore.

So before our children can live a revived lifestyle, we as adults must have an encounter with God, and be revived ourselves. When we are revived, we naturally want that to be reflected in our homes. Things that used to be ok to us, we find that God does not like. So we make choices and say, “Ok, I want more of you God, and I’m going to change things at home to have more of you.” That is a sign that a person has been revived, because things are changing in the heart. People naturally want to start setting themselves a part, and narrowing their lives to have more of God. Then God has access to an open hungry, humble, teachable heart that is willing to bend to his will. God speaks to us what he wants in His Word, and takes the blinders off of our eyes. We begin to see the darkness that was comfortable in our personal lives, and what was really going on at home. Naturally we’re put in a crisis, “do I go with God or do I stay comfortable?”

A person with a right spirit would say, “God have your way with me, because I want more of you.” God likes that a lot, and has the power to change our lives. One moment in God’s presence can change us for a lifetime. Getting in God’s presence puts our lives and priorities in the right order. If parents are allowing their marriages to be revived, their personal lives to be revived, and putting God first…it will have an impact on their children. Revival is not a service, a fad, a moment, or something you do for a short period of time. Revival is choice to live a revived lifestyle, and it is a life commitment to God’s presence. It is not easy, it is costly, but it is worth it! It is continually saying to God, “have your way with me.” In doing so, you are setting your household up for success in God.

When children see their parents running (not walking) after God, it makes an impact on them. Especially if the parents do not waiver, stick to God’s plan, it will make a lasting impression. Revival is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and we are the runners in the race. We don’t realize it but we are carrying the torch of those who have gone before us, and we’re in process to pass it to the next generation. So we must run hard after God, and train our children to do the same. People do not wake up one day and go to the Olympics. They are trained in advance, and when the Olympics come they are ready to run.

So before we can really help our kids live a revived lifestyle, we ourselves must be revived. We must be parents that choose to live and die for Jesus. That nothing gets in the way of our race, nothing gets in the way of God using our marriages for His glory, and we are going to fulfill the purposes and plans God has for us. We’re going to put God first, and change our priorities so that He gets the best in our lives. Then we’re going to train our kids how to live a revived lifestyle, so that they can run the race even better than we did.




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